Our Values

Employee First

We believe that we have a moral obligation to create a workplace where our people are a top priority in terms of trusting them, providing them open and safe environment, giving them all what they need to perform their duties and that includes code of conduct and business ethics.


We are a team of people who constantly strive to be innovative questioning accepted wisdom, creating new ideas and new approaches and never resting on our laurels. We are self-starters with a “can-do” approach and a willingness to take prudent risks. We invent our customer thinking that will make our customer business into the next level. We desire to take considered risks balanced by prudence and clear-sightedness for our innovation.

Respect Individual

The Company’s greatest strength lies in the talent and ability of its associates. Since working in partnership is vital to the Company’s continued success, mutual respect must be the basis for all work relationships. Engaging in behaviour that ridicules, belittles, intimidates, threatens, or demeans, affects productivity, can negatively impact the Company’s reputation. You are expected to treat others with the same respect and dignity that any reasonable person may wish to receive, creating a work environment that is inclusive, supportive, and free of harassment and unlawful discrimination.


Integrity to us means being rooted in strong ethics and principles. We honor client confidentiality and preserve honesty in our organization. We encourage open communication both with our clients as well as among our co-workers and uphold transparency in all our endeavors.

Being ethical matters to us because we demonstrate honesty by doing the right things in a reliable way. We are driven by our commitment and passion to create value.


Many companies champion diversity. That’s an important start. But for diversity to truly have an impact, the culture should also be inclusive – a place where every voice is valued and people feel safe to participate, engage, and share ideas. That’s the culture we are creating and fostering at Proclink, and its offspring an environment of support, trust, and, most importantly, effective ideas. It’s a culture that’s not only good for our clients, but it’s also good for your career.


We attract high performing individuals from different backgrounds and cultures who – like you – bring a unique point of view and unique business skills. This helps you develop as an individual to achieve your potential and make a difference.

Workplace Safety

We work to ensure the workplace safety of our employees, candidates, and clients. We expect all our employees to play their part in making workplace safer and ensuring their team has the right equipment, training, and knowledge to guarantee a safe working environment.

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