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We help our Client to unlock value from Industry Revolution 4.0 by infusing industry acumen in new technologies, driving innovation through a network of Universities & Start-Ups, mid-size Engineering Companies as well as partnering with Large Digital Vendors to offer a comprehensive and agile business model.

Our company has been instrumental in helping multiple Oil & Gas clients in different geographies to improve on their operational efficiencies, performance, and overall margin by leveraging our well-defined use case studies tailor-made for Oil & Gas industry.

Our Team of experts has worked in multiple digital engagements around the world helping clients in both Greenfield and Brownfield Digital Transformation. Most of our in house experts have hands-on experience in right from defining a strategy to execution of the digital solution for major oil & gas clients across the globe.

Some of the major projects undertaken by Proclink include:

  • National Oil Company, Middle East
  • Greenfield refinery, Middle East
  • American IOC
  • Digital Strategy for NOC, Middle East
  • Greenfield refinery, Turkey
  • Brownfield refinery, Greece
  • Digitized Scheduling & Integration, Brownfield refinery, US
  • Digital capabilities, biggest fuel brand, SA
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Innovative IR 4.0 solutions

We infuse industry acumen in new IR 4.0 technologies to drive innovation.

Experts in what we do

Experts with extensive domain and technical knowledge with the aim to deliver BEST.

Products/Solutions to fast track transformation

We have in-house products and solutions which can fast track business transformation


Leadership Team with 20+ years in Top Consulting firms and Solution Providers

We are a start-up of enthusiastic professionals coming from Leading Consulting Companies and Solution Providers who, over the last 20 years, have supported Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals Clients in their Operational Excellence journeys adopting new operating models, new processes and new digital technologies.


We follow global best practices

Having worked around the Globe from North America to the Middle East, Asia, and Australia, we have gained international experience and follow best practices to realize the future NOW.

Clients’ Testimonials

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